• CR4T 4 channel radio

  • The brand new "C"olt "R"adio "4"channel "T"eam is a brand new "Smart" radio with a large "Brilliant Touch Screen" display. The navigation works through "Icons" which everybody knows from smartphones and tablet PCs.

  • Functions:

    • A.F.H.D.S. and A.F.H.D.S2. 2,4 Ghz system
    • 4 channel radio
    • Racetimer
    • ABS
    • Servo reverse
    • Boat modus
    • Dual rate
    • EXP
    • USB function
    • Set menu in german, english and french
    • 20 model memory
    • Failsafe 






    The big (47 x 79 mm) Touch Brilliant display shows all functions and adjustments. It also keeps you informed about the radio's voltage. The navigation works through icons which everybody knows from smartphones and tablet PCs.











    We putted the steering wheel in an outstanding position to keep handling as comfortable as possible. Additionaly the trimmlevers position allows to set trimm, without leaving the model unattended. The steering wheel is changeable from right- to left-handed. 



    R4FS receiver:

    • 4 channel
    • A.F.H.D.S2 technology
    • Voltage: 4,0V - 6,5V
    • Dimensions: 39x28x17mm
    • Weight: 9g
  • Item number: 2000003

    Availibility: Klick













    CR4T set includes:


    • 2020003: 2,4 Ghz 4-channel receiver R4FS
    • 2020005: Voltage telemetry module
    • 2020007: Optical speed telemetry module
    • 2020008: Temperature telemetry module
    • 4x AA NiMH Mignon batteries 1000 mAh 1,2V













    Seperate available:


    • 2020004: 4-channel serial bus receiver
    • 2020006: Magnetic speed telemetry module





    Error Rate 1 meaning:


    The further you get away with the vehicle of the radio the error rate 1 is getting higher. If multiple remote control and receiver are active in the immediate vicinity of the value is also higher.


    The higher the value the higher the danger that can cause interference.