• TS2 Competition SC

  • The TS2 is a thoroughbred race truck for the growing short course racing class. He based on the TC02EVO chassis and got new features. Kevlar main gear and nylon idle gear are only a part thereof. By the 12mm hard anodised adjustable aluminium shocks is the TS2 nothing in the way. If you want to drive in the competition class than you are at the right place with the TS2.




    • Polyaramid main gear
    • 12mm hard anodised adjustable aluminium shocks
    • CVD drive shafts
    • Adjustable slipper clutch
    • Strong polyamide idle gear
    • Adjustable ball differential
    • Right/left threaded rods
  • 12 mm high volume, hard anodized, threaded adjustable shocks with multi position upper mountings help enable the quest for the ultimate suspension set up.



    The gearbox is the heart of the TS2. A sturdy 3mm aluminium motor plate precisely locates the motor which can efficiently transmit its power into the precision polyaramid spur gear, through the easily tuned, race derived slipper clutch assembly and exits through the fully adjustable limited slip ball differential.





    Adjustable, strong, friction free and reliable, just as a suspension set up should be.
    3mm high tensile turnbuckles and debris protected precision steel ball studs are just a small part of the impressive spec.

    • Silicon sealed ABEC 3 ball bearings - complete ball beared
    • Fibre-reinforced plastic parts
    • Lying steering servo
    • Clear lexan body
    • 10.9 steel screws
    • 3mm aluminium motor plate
    • Length: 540mm
    • Width: 290mm
    • Heigth: 190mm
    • Wheelbase: 330mm


    Itemnumber: TS2

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